Grants for Business Improvements


Business Facade

The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) has active business façade improvement programs which provide grants and technical services to assist with the improvement of streetscapes, along designated commercial corridors in unincorporated communities.  The programs improve the appearance of buildings and entire commercial centers, which creates a sense of place, and makes businesses more inviting places to walk and shop.

The façade programs provide grants that cover all costs associated with environmental, design, and construction services.


Most business property owners of buildings located on commercial strips and retail centers in the unincorporated are eligible to participate.  The business location and need for rehabilitation must be verified by an LACDA representative to establish eligibility.  

Property owners will be required to agree to maintain the improvements funded by the program. 

Eligible Uses

Exterior commercial building improvements including, but not limited to, paint, signage, windows, awnings, and lighting.  The LACDA will help define a scope of work for each project, prepare a design and cost estimate, obtain bids from certified contractors, and supervise construction. 

Property owners and businesses will not incur any cost for façade improvements.

To Apply
For more information on how to apply, please call (626) 586-1811 and ask to speak to a representative about the business façade program.