Thanksgiving Celebrations Across County Public Housing Developments

Hearty Events for LACDA Families and Seniors


November 22, 2023 – This month, the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) and local community partners worked together to bring Thanksgiving celebrations to Los Angeles County public housing families. The Harbor Hills and Nueva Maravilla public housing development families were treated to Thanksgiving dinner giveaways and senior families at the South Bay Gardens enjoyed a Thanksgiving luncheon.

Thanksgiving turkey giveaways are a yearly LACDA public housing development tradition going back several years. At Nueva Maravilla, food basket giveaways were made possible through a partnership with East LA (ELA) Rising and the East Los Angeles Community College Criminal Justice Club. With ELA Rising’s partnership and coordination, U.S. Representative Jimmy Gomez’s staff assisted volunteers in distributing turkeys to Nueva Maravilla families. More than 150 Nueva Maravilla and East County families received Thanksgiving dinner food baskets complete with a turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving meal ingredients. At the Harbor Hills public housing development located in Lomita, a turkey giveaway was held in partnership with the New World Academy. More than 100 Harbor Hills families received turkeys to complete their Thanksgiving family meals.

Additionally, the South Bay Gardens senior residents enjoyed a Thanksgiving luncheon held in partnership with Live Yo Life Organization. Seniors enjoyed a full family meal with their community. These Thanksgiving luncheons are also a tradition at the South Bay Gardens held every year and is an excellent opportunity for seniors to get to know their neighbors and come together with South Bay Gardens staff.

“The LACDA is grateful to have a role in these yearly traditions with our residents. The LACDA and our partners work tirelessly to assist families in making their holiday less stressful and more cheerful,” said Emilio Salas, LACDA Executive Director. “We know Thanksgiving is an excellent time to come together and celebrate with our community in need.”

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