Beware of Fake and Counterfeit Check Scams


Several counterfeit checks from an entity named “Los Angels County Development Authority” have been used in fraudulent transactions.  Please note that the checks are from an entity named “Los Angels County Development Authority” and NOT “Los Angeles County Development Authority” (“LACDA”). These checks are counterfeit and are not from the Los Angeles County Development Authority.  It is the LACDA’s understanding that the sender may (1) instruct you to deposit the check into your bank account and then (2) instruct you to immediately transfer a portion of the money to a third party’s account.  If you have received such a payment, do not cash or deposit the check, do not transfer any money to an unknown party’s account, and contact law enforcement immediately.  If you have a legitimate business relationship with the LACDA, but are unable to differentiate a real transaction from a fake one, please contact the LACDA to confirm that the check is legitimate. The LACDA will never request a payee to transfer money to a third party’s account.  In addition, The LACDA will never solicit sensitive personal information through insecure channels like email or text messages. 

If you have any questions, please contact the LACDA at (626) 586-1858.