Executive Team


Kathy Thomas, Chief of Operations
(626) 586-1844

Kathy Thomas serves as Chief of Operations for the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) since July 1, 2018. Ms. Thomas possesses extensive experience in the agency's core functions, and couples that with her knowledge of varying operational models having worked in multiple counties.  These skills enhance ability to provide high level organizational assessment and analysis. 

Prior to being appointed Acting Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Thomas served as Director of the agency's Economic and Housing Development Unit, responsible for overseeing a myriad of programs that included:

- Affordable and supportive housing development
- Home ownership loans and mortgage credit certificates for first-time homebuyers
- Home improvement loans
- Minor home repair grants
- Residential Sound Insulation grants for households that live within designated flight paths of the Los Angeles International Airport
- Large-scale development projects on behalf of the County
- Commercial and industrial loans
- Business Technology Center for startup, high technology companies
- Façade improvement grants
- Asset management
- Compliance monitoring
- Loan collections and servicing

Ms. Thomas joined the LACDA in 2015 and has over 23 years of experience working in the public sector for cities, counties, and a transportation authority in various capacities.  Prior to the LACDA, Ms. Thomas was the Director of Redevelopment and Housing for the County of San Bernardino.  She also served as the Strategic Planning Manager for the Economic Development Agency in the County of Riverside.

Ms. Thomas thrives on improving and expanding services countywide and aims at delivering quality customer service while producing the Division’s annual goals and expectations.

Ms. Thomas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Mathematics from the University of Redlands and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona.
Elisa Vásquez, Director
Communications and Public Affairs
(626) 586-1762

Elisa Vásquez has had oversight of the agency’s Communications and Public Affairs Unit since 2007.  Ms. Vásquez has over 25 years of public service experience, having served in various capacities within the organization as well as with other government and non-profit service providers, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Los Angeles Universal Preschool.

Ms. Vásquez’ responsibilities include oversight of marketing, media coordination, public information, and legislative analysis. As the agency’s Public Information Officer, Ms. Vásquez and her team have oversight of the agency's website content, social media pages, and marketing material. She also coordinates responses to all requests received pursuant to the California Public Records Act as well as all media communications, which includes responding to inquiries, writing media advisories and releases, and scheduling print or on-camera interviews.  Serving as the primary point of contact with all elected officials, at the  Federal, State, and local levels, Ms. Vásquez and her team work with County legislative staff and legislative advocates in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., to develop recommendations and draft legislative correspondence including position papers, promote key legislative and strategic messages, and assist with policy development. 

Additionally, Ms. Vásquez serves on the Quality and Productivity Commission’s Productivity Manager’s Network. The Productivity Managers' Network is comprised of employee representatives from each County Department who have been designated as Quality and Productivity Managers by their department heads. Ms. Vásquez served as the Network’s Productivity and Quality Awards Co-Chair for many years and was the recipient of the 2016 Productivity Manager of Year Award. 

Ms. Vásquez holds a Master of Science degree in Public Administration from California State University Los Angeles, and a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University.
Linda Jenkins, Director
Community and Economic Development Division
(626) 586-1765

Linda has been with the LACDA since 1989 and has over 30 years of experience administering Federal programs to include the Los Angeles Urban County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs. She has also been involved with past recovery programs including Homeless Prevention, Rapid Rehousing, Neighborhood Stabilization, and CDBG-Recovery.  Most recently, Linda has been involved with several  Federal relief programs aimed at mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 to include actively leading and deploying rent relief programs to families in need throughout the County.

During her tenure, Linda has built strong collaborative relationships with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Board of Supervisors offices, County Departments, Participating Cities, Community-Based Organizations, and colleagues within LACDA.  In January 2020, Linda was promoted to Acting Director of the Community and Economic Development Division.  Linda has demonstrated a solid understanding of Federal programs and has proven leadership experience.

Linda received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of California, Riverside, and Master in Public Administration degree from the California State University, Long Beach.  Linda currently serves as a Board Member of the National Association for County Community and Economic Development, which is an affiliate of the National Association of Counties.
Lynn Katano, Director
Housing Investment and Finance Division
(626) 586-1806

Ms. Katano brings more than 40 years of public sector experience at City, County, and State levels, including with Caltrans, the Cities of Baldwin Park, Costa Mesa, Glendale, and of course her time at the LACDA. She initially started at the agency in 1990, with the Engineering Services Unit, before discovering her passion in and for affordable housing. Ms. Katano has worked on a number of key initiatives for the agency, including the development and enhancement of the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), providing guidance on the development of special needs and affordable housing policies and funding, facilitating the development of County-owned sites, and the development and implementation of the No Place Like Home (NPLH) program. Drawing on her broad spectrum of public sector experience in both public works and affordable housing, Lynn engages actively on behalf of the County in both policy and technical issues.

Ms. Katano provides a wealth of knowledge to the agency, having established strong public-private partnerships with housing developers and public agencies in the region. In September 2017, Lynn was recognized by the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing as Staff Member of the Year for her contributions to develop affordable housing in the County.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.

Matthew Fortini, Director
Finance and Budget Division
(626) 586-1890

Matthew Fortini currently serves as the Director of Finance and Budget.  Mr. Fortini previously served as Director of Administrative Services for the agency.

Mr. Fortini has over 28 years of public service experience having served in a variety of capacities with numerous agencies.  Prior to joining the LACDA, Mr. Fortini was Assistant Division Manager for the City of Orlando, Parks Division.  He also served as the Administrative Services Director for the City of Casselberry, Florida.

An experienced Manager, Mr. Fortini brings to the LACDA experience in Public Administration including managing Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management, Marketing, Purchasing, Facilities Management, and Parks and Recreation.  His broad background and keen understanding of the operational needs of the organization provide the tools necessary to assess needs expeditiously and implement rapid solutions. Throughout his career, Mr. Fortini has been recognized as an excellent operations manager capable of finding efficiencies and developing staff to their fullest potential.

Mr. Fortini believes that public agencies should offer the highest level of customer service, and provide expertly managed services to all of its customers to maximize the efficiencies of the agency.  He is also a strong proponent of operating his units in an efficient and effective manner commonly found within the private sector.

Mr. Fortini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Penn State University.

Rebecca Yee, Acting Director
Administrative Services Division
(626) 586-1858

Rebecca Yee currently serves as the Acting Director for the Administrative Services Division, overseeing the internal services units for the LACDA. Ms. Yee brings over 36 years of public service experience, working her way up within the agency. During her extensive career, she has worked in the Housing Assistance Division and Administrative Services Division.
Tracie Mann, Director
Housing Assistance Division
(626) 586-1670

Tracie Mann currently serves as the Director of the Housing Assistance Division (HAD) since 2019. Her objective is to fulfill our vision of going beyond Building Better Lives and Better Neighborhoods.

Tracie oversees more than 200 full-time employees and an annual budget in excess of $400 million. She began her career with the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) in 2010, as the first Manager to oversee operations at the Antelope Valley Office, then as a Manager in the Alhambra headquarters office having oversight responsibility of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Special Needs programs, which include Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing, Continuum of Care, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, Project-Based Vouchers, Family Self-Sufficiency, Family Unification, Moderate Rehabilitation, and Mainstream. In that capacity, she also oversaw the Housing Advisor Unit, Homeless Incentive Program and Measure H activities.

HAD continues to be proud partners in the County’s Homeless Initiative in their commitment to end homelessness throughout Los Angeles County, and established partnerships with nine other Public Housing Agencies to nine for the Homeless Incentive Program (HIP). Additionally, HAD is proud to receive an additional 1,964 Emergency Housing Vouchers made available through the American Rescue Plan. HAD administers housing assistance for nearly 30,000 individuals and families in Los Angeles County.

Tracie has more than 30 years of public service experience. She began her career in a case management-level position and worked her way up through the ranks, including as a public housing property manager. Tracie has extensive program knowledge, as well as considerable experience establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with external organizations and community leaders. Additionally, Tracie currently serves as a member of the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities’ (CLPHA) Tenant-Based Committee.

Additionally, Tracie has been committed to finding ways to increase the number of property owners participating in the LACDA’s rental assistance programs and provided guidance in the implementation of a new business model, Open Doors that launched on January 1, 2020.  Under Tracie’s leadership, the HAD successfully expended nearly $1.3 million to secure housing for nearly 1,100 families. Moreover, Tracie had an essential part in the LA County COVID-19 and other rent relief programs, deploying over $200 million to residential tenants and property owners.

Tracie holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from California State University San Bernardino. 

Twima Earley, Director
Housing Operations Division
(626) 586-1900

Twima comes to the LACDA having served as the Director of Public Housing Operations for the San Francisco Housing Authority for seven years. As the Director, Twima was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Public Housing program, which included the building maintenance of 6,054 units, rent collection, occupancy, resident safety, and security. 

During her tenure, Twima developed and launched several in-house training efforts, including the Concierge and Sunnydale Trash & Recycling Programs, to create employment opportunities for residents and provide services at a lower cost than contracted services would cost. Under Twima's leadership, and with over 14 years of affordable housing experience, the department improved in all areas of operations through the establishment of strong internal policies and procedures, and the development of collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders including City and County agencies, and development partners. Twima also played a key role in the $1.3 billion Rental Assistance Demonstration conversion in San Francisco, successfully converting 3,491 public housing units to Project-Based Voucher units. 

Twima received a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is also a member of the Fannie Mae Public Housing Authorities Duty to Serve Advisory Council.