Matthew Fortini


Matthew Fortini
Finance and Budget Division
(626) 586-1890

Matthew Fortini currently serves as the Director of Finance and Budget.  Mr. Fortini previously served as Director of Administrative Services for the agency.

Mr. Fortini has over 28 years of public service experience having served in a variety of capacities with numerous agencies.  Prior to joining the LACDA, Mr. Fortini was Assistant Division Manager for the City of Orlando, Parks Division.  He also served as the Administrative Services Director for the City of Casselberry, Florida.

An experienced Manager, Mr. Fortini brings to the LACDA experience in Public Administration including managing Human Resources, Information Technology, Risk Management, Marketing, Purchasing, Facilities Management, and Parks and Recreation.  His broad background and keen understanding of the operational needs of the organization provide the tools necessary to assess needs expeditiously and implement rapid solutions. Throughout his career, Mr. Fortini has been recognized as an excellent operations manager capable of finding efficiencies and developing staff to their fullest potential.

Mr. Fortini believes that public agencies should offer the highest level of customer service, and provide expertly managed services to all of its customers to maximize the efficiencies of the agency.  He is also a strong proponent of operating his units in an efficient and effective manner commonly found within the private sector.

Mr. Fortini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Penn State University.