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Direct deposit is the Los Angeles County Development Authority's (LACDA) sole method of paying housing assistance payments to owners. Direct deposit not only helps us pay you more efficiently, it allows us to provide you with better service by cutting down on processing time and transaction fees.  Payment stubs will still be sent by mail.

How to Change Account Information

To change your account information, simply log into the LACDA Owner Portal and submit your request.  You will need a check or savings account number and routing number. 

Please note:  If your account, address, or ownership status changes, please notify the LACDA as soon as submitting your changes through the Owner Portal or by contacting

If you sell the property during the Section 8 tenancy, you may transfer the lease and Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract to the new owner. You are responsible for telling interested buyers that the unit is rented to a Section 8 tenant, and for giving a copy of your HAP contract to the buyer.  The new owner should report a change of ownership to the LACDA as soon as possible to begin the transfer of housing assistance payments.

Reporting a Change of Ownership to the LACDA

If you are a new owner, submit a Transfer of Ownership form, with proof of ownership (such as a recorded deed or closing escrow statement).

When the Ownership Services Unit receives the request form, the LACDA places a hold on the monthly housing assistance payment for the following month. Ownership change documents will be sent to you within one week.  A confirmation letter is mailed to the new owner to confirm that the new transfer has been completed, and the tenant is notified of new ownership as well.  Once you return the requested information with signatures, a transfer of ownership will be completed within 10 business days, and payments are released to the new owner.

You may contact the Ownership Services Unit via:

Phone: (626) 586-1644
Fax: (626) 943-3854  

When you take over a lease (including the Tenancy Addendum) and HAP contract for a Section 8 tenant, you must adhere to the terms of the agreements.  Please become familiar with the terms of these documents by reading the HAP contract you obtained from the seller; or request a copy from the Ownership Services Unit.

Please note: The LACDA generates monthly payments 10 days before the first of the month.  If you are reporting an ownership change on the last week of the month, the payment for the following month will be issued to the owner/payee on record.  The new owner is responsible for advising the former owner to return the overpayment back to the LACDA.  Once it is received, the LACDA will re-issue payment to the new owner when the transfer of ownership is processed.  The new owner may also simply obtain reimbursement from the former owner.

Reporting a Change of Address to the LACDA

You may log into the LACDA's Owner Portal and submit your request online.  

If there is a change in payee (person/business who receives monthly housing assistance payments) or management company, you should submit written notification to the Ownership Services Unit.

As soon as we receive your notice, a hold will be placed on the payment for the following month and we’ll send you authorization forms. We will complete the change within 10 business days and release payments to the new payee or management company with the run of checks after the change is complete. Please submit a copy of the management agreement, if applicable.

There are a few reasons a payment may not have been received.  Please check the following list before contacting the LACDA:

- The 1st of the month occurred on a weekend or holiday; the LACDA will release payments on the next business day.

- You reported a change in ownership, payee, or management, but did so at the end of the month.  For the LACDA to send payments to the correct party, we must receive notice of the change at least 20 days before the next payment date.

- You and the tenant agreed to extend the lease, but failed to notify the LACDA.  In order for us to recognize the continued tenancy and release payments, you and the tenant must notify the LACDA in writing.

- You received a notice that your contract is in abatement due to failed inspection(s) for owner-related deficiencies.  You must correct deficiencies before the LACDA will restart your payments.  Payments not made during abatement will not be reimbursed.

- The tenant has successfully increased their income, and is responsible for the total amount of the monthly rent.

- You applied for direct deposit, but your submitted check or savings account and/or routing number may have been incorrect.   

If you have checked the list and are still uncertain about a payment, you may contact the Ownership Services Unit at